Day 39. Store closes at 8pm. 7:58pm….sign reads: “Sorry Sold Out.” #100happydays

Day 38. Watch out JMU this hottie is coming for you! #100happydays

Goodbye NYC it has been a fun weekend! Thank You to all my friends up here and Broadway…. I will be back soon. I am grateful and this was much needed vacation. Thanks.

Dinners with these amazing people! “Fantasies are being ruined!”

Last show! Brilliant. Moving. Yes.

Day 37. Hanging out with my BFF in NYC. So Thankful for her and her hospitality. We are booking. #100happydays


Late night stroll. #chantakesnycpt2 (at Radio City Music Hall)

The prop hit me in my face!

Tonight’s show. Finally seeing this. They better book. #sosoclose6throw #bookit

Today’s show. I am so excited!!!!

Day 37. I like to wake up in different cities sometimes. I am back. Going to be posting more today. #chantakesNYCpt2 #100happydays (at Times Square NYC)

Day 36. I love my job. #lategram #hereicomenyc #100happydays

Day 35. The real Holy Trinity.