Day 15. Short pump. #100happydays

Day 15. You knew it was coming. #chainfood #100happydays

Day 14. After change over feast. #100happydays

Day 13. Sally would be proud. Seeing some great Theatre with this chick! We love it! I cannot believe it is closing. I wish there was a “To-morrow, and To-morrow, and To-morrow” #macbeth #100happydays (at SPARC - School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community)

So this is how I ended my evening. Love Joe’s work. Thanks. Love. #already100daysofhappy (at East End Dermagraphics)

Day 12. Concurring this park with bae! #hubbahubba2k14 #drivingback4selfie #100happydays (at Water Country USA)

Day 11. Movies Alone! Begin Again. #100happydays

Day 10. Season 2 Finale!!! AHHHH! #red #100happydays

Day 9. This is my favorite song ever! @lauren_brawley #100happydays

Day 8. Chain Fast Food #100happydays

Day 7. Cookies and Milk. #100happydays

Day 6. Got to spend a lovely 16 hours with @graciecote and @lucye11 I might be seeing them very soon! #100happydays

Day 5. This Chica bringing me my favorite chips in the entire world from Hawaii. #100happydays

Thanks to the two people who cared. Real friends

I hate myself.