Whenever anyone says they weren’t included in an important email


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I delete nothing for a reason - a big part of the job is knowing how to play the game, “Cover Your Ass.”

I love you Rudy! You were the best dog for the pass 12 years and I won’t forget your staying by me when I was sick and injured making sure everything was ok and to protect me! I remember that Christmas twelve years ago when you were so excited to join our family popping your nose out of the box! Make sure you don’t eat too much bacon or at least leave a piece for me this time! I’ll miss you pup! Love you Rudy! Rest in peace!

Even though she is 600 miles away… The only thing I am doing today is celebrating her birth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @graciecote #MYFAVORITEPERSON

Saturday Night

"We have to shave 10 minutes? (Cuts one 3 minute song) That oughta do it."

Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at LUNCH! #fashionshow


Mrs. Southall is an illuminati! #illuminati

The classroom formally known as 512 being changed into Knight Klub. #comfest2k14 (at knight klub )

My last day with no event for a month! #iamready #funthingshappening

This is so great! Peace out American moving to India

Having authentic Indian food from my new friends from India.

Believe it or not, in Stage Management, there are some things that are …

Self explanatory. #byrd

My chemistry teacher is better than you. #basicallymrsfrizzle #colligativeproperties (at Mrs. Frizzle’s Room )